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2023 Friend of the Year is Sarah Bukrey

FOL Friend of the Year Plaque
FOL Friend of the Year Plaque

We’re pleased to award the 2023 Friend of the Year Award to Sarah Bukrey. Sarah is a familiar presence in the library, serving as Technical Services Manager since 2019. Prior to that, Sarah was Circulation Manager for over 14 years.

She has been a great resource to the Friends. Examples include helping with equipment purchases, reviewing donated books and routing to our Book Nook, scanning unwanted books for sale to Better World Books and being an all around friendly staff person who has our back.

Sarah is also a creative person and a talented weaver. She has donated beautiful hand woven scarves for our Fall Fundraiser for years. Sarah’s name plate has been added to Friend of the Year Plaque located in the lobby area. Thank you Sarah – you are a great FRIEND!

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