Celebrating 40 years!


Friends of Stoughton Public Library


President: Lesley Johnson
Vice President: Sybil Pressprich
Treasurer: Jeanne Burt
Secretary: Claudette Higgins

Ancillary Positions

Library Director: James Ramsey
Library Adult Services Librarian: Amanda Bosky

Committee Chair Positions:

Membership Co-Chairs: Joanne Wolan and Lesley Johnson
Public Relations Chair: Karen Haugen
Pie Place Co- Chairs: Jeanne Burt and Alley McGuane
Book Nook Co-Chairs: Lesley Johnson and Chris Phillips
Fundraising Events Chair: Laurie Barrett
Ad Hoc Events Chair: Mack Naber
Spring Fundraiser Chair: Chris Phillips
Summer Fundraiser Chair: Maura Kudronowicz
Fall Raffle Fundraiser Chair: Jeanne Burt
Mini Golf Fundraiser Chair: Sybil Pressprich

Note: Committee Chair positions may be altered during the year as other board members may contribute or substitute for certain events.