Celebrating 40 years!


Friends of Stoughton Public Library

Maura Kudronowicz

Summer Fundraiser Chair
What do you love the most about the Stoughton Public Library? The library offers a wide range of resources and programming that has brought much joy for my family. My kids know and feel comfortable talking with various librarians, who remember and discuss my children's interests. It is a welcoming place.
Why did you join the Friends of the Stoughton Library Board?? I utilize many of the library's resources. While I have spent quite a bit of time in libraries throughout my life, the Stoughton Library is the library that my family has frequented the most. We are at the library numerous times a week; it seemed important to be able to help the place that had become such a vital part of our routine and life.
What is your favorite book or favorite author and why? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I first read it over twenty years ago and have found myself coming back to it as the ultimate comfort read. My perceptions of the characters and events may change each time, but it is always an uplifting, funny read. I enjoy the development of the characters and their interactions. I also many times may have wanted to engage a room with the charm and wit of Elizabeth Bennett, but sadly have come off more like a Mr. Darcy (except without 10,000 pounds a year).