Celebrating 40 years!


Friends of Stoughton Public Library

Mack Naber

Ad Hoc Events Chair
What do you love the most about the Stoughton Public Library? The staff at Stoughton Library are amazing. The collections, materials and serviced selected made available can be useful, entertaining, educating or all three. I am often struck with the thought, "I didn't know I could get that at the library." A ukulele? A database of wiring schematics for my car? A backpack with everything for a birding trip? All things I didn't expect but have found at my library.
Why did you join the Friends of the Stoughton Library Board?? I joined the Friends board in 2024 to give back to the library that my family uses. We have a dedicated bookshelf at home to keep track of the books and switch games borrowed from the library. My kiddos enjoy the escape rooms, Pokemon club and summer reading program hosted by the library. The Friends are essential for providing the financial support used for new library programs and services.
What is your favorite book or favorite author and why? I find myself picking up and reading just about anything by Raymond Chandler. I don't think a year has gone by when I haven't reread Nassim Nicholas Talib's "Fooled by Randomness." A good chunk of the last couple of years has been spent alternating between books authored by Rick Riordan and Beverly Cleary when reading aloud to my elementary age kids. When reading for comfort and entertainment, I am reaching for Brendan Leonard's collection of dad jokes, admiration for old bikes and stories about outdoor adventuring.